Table of Contents

Volume 3, Number 4 (#12), Winter 1998

Just the FAQs: Coping with Scoping 3
Perl’s two schemes for naming variables.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Perl Heresies 8
Not all conventional Perl wisdom is wise.
Jon Drukman

A Dynamic Navigation Bar with mod_perl 10
Navigation bar envy, sated with Apache and Perl.
Lincoln D. Stein

Authentication with mod_perl
Restricting access to your Apache web site.
Michael Parker

Installing Perl and Perl/Tk on Win32
The trials and tribulations of a Unix user on Windows.
Steve Lidie

s/($text)/speech $1/eg;
Kevin Lenzo
Speech synthesis in Perl.

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Chris Nandor

Bricolage: Data Compression
How to squeeze your data into the smallest possible space.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Perl can now create COM objects.
Ken Bandes

The man(1) of Descent
Generating your own parsers in Perl.
Damian Conway

Guts: A Bug Hunt
Using -DDEBUGGING to watch Perl in action.
Chip Salzenberg

The Perl Quiz Show
For ten points, what magazine are you reading now?
Jon Orwant

The Perl Journal One Liners