Table of Contents

Volume 3, Number 3 (#11), Fall 1998

The Birth of a One-Liner
A beginner’s look at shrinking Perl code.
Art Ramos

Just the FAQs: Suffering From Buffering
Your output doesn't always appear when you think it does.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Parsing VRML
Using Perl to interpret the Virtual Reality Modeling Language.
Tuomas J. Lukka

Source Filters
Ever wanted to encrypt your Perl programs?
Paul Marquess

A Web Proxy Module For mod_perl
Eliminate ads from your web pages with a proxy.
Lincoln D. Stein

Perl Style
How readable is your code?
Kurt Starsinic

Perl News
What’s new in the Perl community.
Jon Orwant

Win32: PerlCOM And PerlCtrl
Two new products for gluing Win32 COM objects.
Brian Jepson

Measuring the speed of Perl programs.
Brian D. Foy

Iterating Over Permutations
Making certain brute force searches a little more tractable.
Jason Brazile

Creating Applications With mod_perl
Using Apache::Registry, Apache::Sandwich, Embperl, and DBI.
Mike Fletcher

Guts: Lexical Analysis
How Perl parses your programs.
Chip Salzenberg

Making Life And Death Decisions With Perl
Probability theory and deadly diseases.
Richard Dice

Netscape and LDAP
Accessing directories via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
Tom Paquin

The Third Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest Victors
perl -e ’$# = print "1 + 1 = "; print 2’
Felix Gallo

The Perl Journal One-Liners