Table of Contents

Volume 3, Number 2 (#10), Summer 1998

Just the FAQs: Understand References Today
The essentials of data structures.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Infobots and Purl
IRC Robots And The People Who Love Them.
Kevin Lenzo

Perl 5.005
The Next Big Perl.
Gurusamy Sarathy

Learning Japanese
Using an HTML filter to read a foreign language.
Tuomas J. Lukka

Parsing Command Line Options
The Getopt::Long module and friends.
Johan Vromans

Safely Empowering Your CGI Scripts
What to do when your CGI scripts need superuser powers.
Lincoln Stein

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Jon Orwant

OLE Automation with Perl
Controlling Excel, Notes, and Access with Win32::OLE.
Jan Dubois

Ray Tracing
Rendering three-dimensional images.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Parallel execution paths in Perl.
Dan Sugalski

Debugging and Devel::
Modules to help you bulletproof your code.
Randy J. Ray

The Third Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest
perl -e 'print { select } (key => value)'
Felix Gallo

The Perl Journal One-Liners