Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 8 (#4), Winter 1997

Unreal Numbers
Why 21.09 doesn't always equal 21.09.
Tom Phoenix

Torture Testing Web Servers and CGI Scripts
Throw random input at your servers and scripts.
Lincoln Stein

JPL: The Java-Perl Library
A glue interface linking Perl and Java.
Brian Jepson

Guts: Knee Deep in the Code
A roadmap of the Perl distribution.

Perl and EBCDIC
Before Unicode, before ASCII, there was EBCDIC.
Peter Prymmer

Interprocess Communication with MacPerl
Using AppleEvents from Perl.
Chris Nandor

Perl News
What's new in the Perl Community.
Jon Orwant

Generate Perl wrappers around C/C++ code - automatically.
Scott Bolte

Telnetting with Perl
How Net::Telnet lets your programs talk to other computers.
Jay Rogers

An extremely efficient tree data structure.
Mark-Jason Dominus

NT Administration with Perl
Common sysadmin tasks, automated with Perl.
Dave Roth

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
A highly distributed computing effort to find new primes.
David Nicol

The Perl Wizard's Quiz
Not for the timid.
Tom Christiansen

The Perl Journal One-Liners