Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 7 (#3), Fall 1997

Just the FAQs: Short Circuits
&& and || or and and or, and chomp() and LABELs.
Frossie Economou

Regexes: Nibbling with pos()
How to avoid huge regular expressions.
Jeffrey Friedl

Win32 Perl
Perl for Windows.
Dave Roth

ActiveState's PerlScript lets you embed Perl in HTML.
Jim Esten

Infinite Lists
A new construct that can manipulate endless data streams.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Perl/Tk: Binding Basics
Associating actions with events.
Steve Lidie

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Jon Orwant

Perfect Programming
A collection of tips for the paranoid programmer.
Nathan Torkington

A Perl in the Oil Patch
Of salt and sysread().
Will Morse

Amassing a personalized newspaper from the web.
Ed Hill

MakeMaker: Doing More While Doing Less
How to prepare your modules for maximum portability.
Randy J. Ray

Obfuscated Perl Contest - The Winners
A frightening display of cryptic virtuosity.
Felix Gallo

The Stones Contest
Pit your subroutine against others in a simple game.
Russell Caton

The Perl Journal One-Liners