Table of Contents

Volume 1, Number 3, (#3) Autumn 1996

Data Hiding
Hiding information in text.
Jon Orwant

Perl, Politics, and Pairwise Voting
Perl as the activist's friend.
Rob Lanphier

CGI Scripts and Cookies
Maintaining state across web connections.
Lincoln Stein

Penguin: The First Tentative Waddle
Sending and receiving programs over the Internet.
Felix Gallo

New Modules
Recent additions to the CPAN.
Jon Orwant

Perl/Tk: Events And Other Things
X timer events, widgets, menus, and the color editor.
Steve Lidie

FTP: File Transfer Using Perl
Net::FTP speaks the File Transfer Protocol for you.
Graham Barr

Understanding Regular Expressions
Of cooks and broth.
Jeffrey Friedl

The Perl Institute
Coordinating Perl activities worldwide.
Nelson Maxwell

Obfuscated Perl Contest: Results
print scalar reverse "...era srenniw eht dnA"
Felix Gallo